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Blow Up Your Blog with this step-by-step guide to boosting your blog readership by tens of thousands of viewers per month spending as little as $1 per day using Facebook Ads.

Join my new program and learn the exact strategies that I’ve quietly been using to explode my blog Millennial Money Man to over 200,000 unique readers month after month.

These same strategies are adding 100+ new subscribers to my email list each day, and I make back every dime from display ads and affiliate commissions.

The best part is that YOU can use these exact strategies to grow your blog at a rapid pace starting with as little as $1 per day.

When I started Millennial Money Man back in 2015, I knew that I wanted to build a blogging empire with a raving and loyal audience...but I wasn't exactly sure how to do it.

Like many new bloggers, I struggled to get traffic to my site, turn readers into email subscribers, or took make any meaningful money from my blog.

Even when I had spikes in traffic, it came from a blog post getting hot and only lasted a couple days. The increased traffic wasn’t consistent. I didn’t even know where the traffic came from half the time, to try and replicate it or turn it into a consistent flow of new readers.

I started to look around at other bloggers, especially the successful ones, to get some clues about how to grow my blog and I noticed a trend...

Most bloggers base their audience around Google or Pinterest.

Here’s the problem…

Google and Pinterest take a really long time to see success, and I didn’t want to wait around to build my blog slowly. I wanted results FAST.

You see, when I quit my job as a Band Director to go all-in on growing Millennial Money Man, my blog had made a grand total of $3.

You read that right. It’s crazy to think about in hindsight, but that’s what I did. So I didn’t want to sit around and wait to slowly grow my blog with Google and Pinterest.

But that’s not the only problem. While both platforms work well for bringing in readers, they are also notorious for bringing in readers that don't actually stick around for very long because they are search based.

People land on your site looking for information they were searching for, and then once they get it, they leave.

I wanted a way to share my best content with people who would actually care about my story and the message that I was trying to spread, rather than just coming to my site because they had typed a question in a search bar.

I wanted to build a community of people, just like me, who were passionate about personal finance.

So which platform made the most sense for getting all of that done?


You see, Facebook isn't a search engine, it's an online community. It’s a place where people share content they love, and have conversations with other people that are passionate about the same things they are.

I knew that when people came to my site from Facebook it wouldn’t be because they were searching for an answer to a question, like on Google, it would be because they were interested in the topic. And because of that they would be more likely to keep coming back.

It also like the perfect place to build my own community and find the perfect readers to grow Millennial Money Man.

Here's the problem...I didn't know the best way to reach them…yet.

That's when I started experimenting with the Facebook ad platform to bring in the right readers to my blog.

My blog wasn't making much money at the time, so I started out small. Spending $10 on Facebook ads here. $15 there. As the site started to become more profitable with the new influx of readers, I continued to scale my ad campaigns and reach more and more people.

Over time, I developed some winning strategies that brought in hundreds of thousands of readers to my blog each month...for no more than 2-3 cents per click!

Last year alone, I made nearly $200,000 from Millennial Money Man, and I'm on track to quadruple that number (yes, seriously) in 2018.

All of that is possible because of my Facebook ad strategies, which I've never shared with anyone else until now.

But that’s not all I’m sharing in this course...

I have teamed up with Mike Yanda, the co-creator of my massively successful Facebook Side Hustle Course, to share his best strategies for growing your email list and blowing your blog up quickly.

Mike and his agency help clients all over the world use Facebook ads to grow their business fast, and his specialty is list building.

Using the complete toolkit of strategies that we teach you in this course you’ll be able to drive a steady stream of traffic to all your best blog posts and turn your readers into loyal email subscribers.

Here's what you'll learn in the Blow Up Your Blog Course:

  • Two different strategies for driving insane traffic to your website at extremely low costs per click, all while reimbursing part or all of your ad spend in the process
  • How to exponentially increase your email list using a proven system to get new subscribers on the cheap using Facebook ads
  • A simple method for testing different ads to find out which one will get you the best results for your budget
  • How to target the perfect Facebook users that are most likely to become loyal fans of your site
  • The exact formula we use to write ads that drive new readers and reduce ad costs
  • How to scale your winning Facebook ad campaigns without sacrificing their performance so that you can continue to reinvest and grow your blog over time
  • And an exclusive bonus training on how to get high quality Facebook page likes for FREE

That sounds awesome...but how much does it cost?

Mike and I have developed a philosophy around how we price our courses, and it can be boiled down to one simple concept.

We never want price to be the obstacle that prevents someone learning from us.

Yes we want to make money, but we have a much bigger mission…

To help as many bloggers and new entrepreneurs as possible build a successful side hustle. Or turn their side hustle into their main thing, their own personal empire.

With that in mind, we wanted to price this course so that it was affordable for every blogger, whether you’re putting out the kind of income reports that everybody is jealous of, or your blog is brand new and hasn’t made a dime.

You can access the Blow Up Your Blog for only $97.


But what if it doesn’t work for me?

Mike and I both believe that if you create great content and follow the strategies that we lay out in the course, that you’re going to be able to see an immediate increase to your blog traffic. And not only will it be an immediate increase to your traffic, it will be consistent, because Facebook Ad traffic is like turning on a garden hose. Once you turn it on, it just keeps pumping until you turn it off.

but you’re still not sure if this course is right for you, then you should know that you’re protected by…

Our 14-day 100% money back guarantee...

Simply Watch All The Modules, Follow All Our Walkthroughs,

Test All Of Our Strategies… And If You Prove

That You Did All The Work And It Still Didn’t Work For You…

Then Just Let Us Know And We’ll Happily Refund Every Penny.

You’ll notice that this is NOT one of those super-generous no-risk guarantees where you can buy the product and then refund five minutes later after you complain that it didn’t work.

If you’re planning on buying this and then refunding it the very next day, then don’t even bother…it’s just not right for you.

I realize that ultimately we’re going to lose a lot of potential customers…but that’s OK.

We ONLY want people who are motivated to enroll in this course, learn something new, and blow up their blog.

We ONLY want people who are actually going to go through the course and do the work necessary to get results.

That’s why if you get this course and prove to us that you went through the entire thing… and if for some reason it still didn’t work, then we’ll gladly refund you.

But if you’re going to throw this course on a credit card, get in a fight with your significant other about it, and then refund 20 minutes later, then please do not even bother. It’s just not for you.


But right now you have a decision to make.

And the way I see it, there are really only two options…

1. Do nothing. Click away from this page. Continue to do whatever you’re currently doing to grow your blog. Keep playing around on social media. Continue to be disappointed as you bounce from strategy to strategy looking for that perfect thing. Watching your blog readership grow at a glacial pace.


2. Give the FB Ads for Bloggers course a try. Learn the exact strategies that I’ve used to grow my blog to nearly a quarter million readers per month, earn over $200,000 last year alone, and to grow an audience that allowed me to make over $120,000 in a single weekend when I launched my first course. Learn the strategies that my business partner uses to rapidly grow blogs and other online businesses on four different continents. Strategies that neither of us have ever shared before, that allow you to turn your blog traffic on overdrive for as little as $1 per day.

It’s time to make your decision.

I hope you choose to Blow Up Your Blog.

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